Friday, December 07, 2012

Broken.. Like Forever?

It's been 2 years, I've told you so many times about it before
Time goes on, there's so many things come through our life
I've found someone else in my life, for so many times
But guess what? It didn't work, and maybe it will never work

Once upon a time, i had a perfect dream, it was him
Someone that used to be my partner in crime, in everything that we should do
He's gone for some reasons that i can't tell, and it's all because of me
I have no idea how to forget him
I tried harder and harder, but still it's not working

I've heard that he's gonna married in 2 months later
I am broken, i wanted him like nobody else do
He's like, the perfect one for me
All i want is him, always be

I am lost somehow, i don't really know what i wanted except him
I wish somebody could help me through all of this
Because honestly, i can't stand it alone
I am broken, i am crazy into him
Like, forever...

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