Friday, August 03, 2012

D for Disca

Disca. She's one of my best people. She is random, crazy, pretty, and so old. I do love her so much. She's my best one. We always do craziest thing together. No matter where and when. We do anything to have fun. Yes, all we need is a happy life.
Yesterday, she came to my house. She's an architect student and something happened to her laptop. Guess what? Yes, she came to my house to fixed her laptop. I helped her. But then we're just having fun at my house. Actually, there's nothing happened with her laptop. She's just.. Don't understand how to install some stuff. Duh it's kinda easy though. But yeah, that's her.
We shared some things, we talked all the day, we looked for some pictures, and then i found this one :

Hahaha. Sometimes i called her "bebek". Bebek means duck. I don't know why, but i love to call her bebek. It's just, suit her face. Bhahaha. I am kidding. -_-
She's my bestfriend. So with this picture, it can describe that we both are duck and we are stay together as bestfriend. Whatever she comes along, i am with her. Always.


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