Sunday, March 11, 2012

BestFriend ♥

bestfriend. such a wonderful word since we read it. without them, our life would be empty and flat. they're such a good listener when we are weak because of our relationship with a boy. they're such a good clown when we are crying because of something randomly. they are such a good sister when we are ill and lazy to move our body. and ANYTHING! i can't tell it one by one.
but sure, if you had a bestfriend, you knew how amazing life is to spend together with them.
honestly, i'm happy. i had a lot of bestfriends. they are always here, no matter what. when i'm sad, i'm happy, i feel awful, i feel terrible, they are here. beside me
we can do anything crazy like we are lesbians. ofcourse it's just a way for us to have fun, not for real. =D
it's fun enough, unless someone look into us and think like we're (i meant me and my bestfriend) weird people. hahaha well maybe that's true. but one more, it's just for fun!

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