Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day?

everyone said that it's valentine day. but for me today is tuesday, TUESDAY.
i thought today won't be a special day for me, but i was wrong.
i was going to Jen's party. yes, today is his birthday.
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY, JEN! wish you nothing but the best.
actually it was Teta's plan, Jen's girlfriend.
and i'm kinda upset when i know that Jen ain't surprised -_-
but, it's fine. atleast, it's going well.
after Jen's party, i'm going to cinema with my beloved mother.
we were watching "Journey 2 The Mysterious Island"
the movie was good, yeah it's not that bad. but the first one still the best.
one thing i have to tell, i am happy enough today! :) 

yes, he is Stefanus Jenniyus Lauw! xD

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