Saturday, July 28, 2012

When Available turns to Andry Adrian's..

Duh i've not writing for ages. Kinda busy with college stuff. I don't have time to write though. But now, i am back. And today, i wanna write about my boyfriend. :)
I live in Indonesia, and he's not. He lives in Malaysia. Yes, so far away from my place. You may say it's a long distance relationship. It is true. I don't really care. All i know is that i love him and he loves me. One thing that i will always remember is, he won't hurt me as long as i don't hurt him thou. Hihihi. He is such a nice guy. I like him the way he is. He is smart enough, if i can say. He's gentle, a bit. Lol. He's sweet, caring, loving. But when he is jealous, i am scared. Haha. He would be mad and he's gonna say, "I don't like when you talked with this guy and bla bla bla.." And then i am smiling. It showed me that he truly loves me.
Right now, i am just happy with him. I know that nothing last forever. But let's just wish that we are gonna stay together as long as we shall live. And when my BlackBerry Messenger's status showed available, it turns to Andry Adrian's..


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