Friday, May 04, 2012

Feeling so "white"

Hello everyone! I am totally back to write something that you may call unimportant thing. :p
Yes, after a long time i don't write anything. I will write something that changed my day.
I'm in love with a guy which is my classmate. He is so different, really different.
He's not so handsome, but i really like his personality.
It's just seems like my father. I don't know why. -_-
Duh i can't explain how i feel. It's near, perfect.
He just made my day. He made me feel like i am the one.
He made me smile, he made me happy, he made me laugh.
And because of that, i really [really] want to hug him!
He is the one. He is the one who makes me feel like i'm a special girl.
Everyday we met but it's not enough for me to see him.
I want to live with him, so much. But that's impossible.
I am not that good for him. :')
But anyway, we are bestfriend. And i think that's enough for us.
I am good with it. I am brave enough to go on. I wish.
He made me feeling so white.
I don't know who i am when i am with him.
And i don't really know who i am when i am not with him.

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