Thursday, March 22, 2012

unpredictable day

so, last morning i woke up not so early like usual. i don't know but when thursday come, i feel so lazy to go to the college. and sometimes, the weather trying to talk to me like "i won't let you go away from your bed and that's why i'm going to be a bad weather right now."
but still, i have to go. like it or not, i have to go.
everyday i'm going to college with my friend called Tyas. but when i sent her BBM last morning, she didn't replied. and i bet she haven't wake up yet. and TADAA! i was right. and then she said that she won't come to our first class and i said "okay." yes, just okay. i don't know anything else to say.
i came and yeah, such a horrible morning. no friend to chill, no friend to chit and chat, no friend to share something 'important' for me. i meant, there's no close friend. my close friends are late. and i don't know what to do, i'm kinda silent like i lost a part of me that morning. :3
anyway, there's a moment in our first class, bad moment. one of my friends have to leave the class because he's being crowd. and all the student like, "psssh shut up! i don't want to leave the class just like him." hahaha xD
it's going bad, i meant our first class. i don't like the way he taught us. he is very fast and i'm badmood just because of him.
our second class, it was good. but after that we're lazy to come to our third and fourth class. (READ: Me, Tyas, Ocha)
and finally, we left the class and go to a mall and going to singing along!
we were have fun, and i'm happy. ;]

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