Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's Happening Again

what is it? what's happening again?
oh yes, it's about me and my EX called "D".
we're classmate in college.
i'm falling for him since 3 months ago and 'till now.
we broke up 1 month ago and i don't really understand what his reason is.
i can't accept his reason, because i think 'oh man that's not a good reason for us to break up!'
but yeah, it's his choice and i can do nothing.
i'm hurt, but.. i'm happy as long as he is happy.

i miss him so much. i miss his affection.
i miss the time when he touched my hair.
i miss the time when he smiled at me.
i miss the time when he stared into my eyes.
i miss the time when he held my hand tightly.
i miss his breath.
i miss his laugh.
i miss his 'handsome' face.
i MISS everything about him!

i know i shouldn't be down like this but this is what i feel.
falling for him when i know he doesn't want me anymore.
i know it's wrong, but i just can't.
how sad, isn't it?
when i remember our old-times, i'm kinda sad.
i cried so many times like a fool. HAHA
but i don't care. when i cried, i feel much BETTER.

last morning we talked, just a few words, as always.

BUT, it makes me happy.

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