Sunday, February 12, 2012

is she my [real] soulmate? :)

her names DISCA. i met her when we were in 11th grade.
when the first time we met, i think she is just an ordinary girl, nothing special on her.
but after a long time i know her, she is perfect mate ever.
i never found a person like her.
she is insane just like me, we adore (old) love songs, we love to watch movies, and anything else.
sometimes we are going to the book store to find some books or just hang out.
i am happy and feels like i am the luckiest person to have her as my bestfriend.
when i talked about boys, she is listening to me.
and when i broke up with a boy, she is always here to cheer me up.
seriously, she is just like, more than my real sister.
can i say that she is my [real] soulmate? :)
i don't know.
but the most thing i love from her is she accepted me as who i am.

see? now you can see how care she is. so, is she my [real] soulmate? :)

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