Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Don't Have Any Title

loosing someone that we love and care about is hard, just like what i feel right now.
it's been 1 year 5 months since he left.
i can't tell his name, but usually i called him BEE.
he's about 21 years old now.
yes, we're different 4 years. but it doesn't matter for us.
we were bestfriend, we were couple, we were partner in everything.
he is the one, i guess. i can't forget what he have done.
it's just, too sweet and pure.
he never mad at me, he tried to take care of me.
he is the best, after my father. but now, we can't stay together.
we had our reason. and we can't change it.
i wish him nothing but the best.
i miss him like hell, i hope he miss me too.
he is kind of perfect man. :]
one last time he said, "take care of yourself because i can't be there since now, i wish you happy."
he is the ONLY one who's brave enough to meet my father.
but it's all just memories and i knew that i can't take it back.

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