Wednesday, September 28, 2011

it's a letter from my classmate when i was in senior high school. :)

life is a gift from God, your ability to love others is also a gift so don't waste them. life is too precious for you to waste on the "wrong" person.
meeting the wrong person is not a disaster. God want you to be better by learning from every mistake you've done. remember! masalah ada untuk dihadapi bukan diratapi!!!
from the first day you born, God already prepare someone the best from the best for you Prastika Dedyana. so chill if you meet the wrong, just enjoy and learn from it.
one day you'll have someone that love you unconditionally and accept you for who you are, no matter how bad your past.
learn from the past, do your best in the present, and dream high for the future. you never know what will happen next but you need to know one thing, it's the best for sure!
never hope on human because you will be disappointed so just lay all your hope in GOD! don't worry and be happy. :)

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